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Choosing your Bridesmaids

Posted on 9 Nov 2016

I have been asked to look at some of the issues that pop up when planning a wedding. When picking your bridesmaids of course you want your best friends to share your special day,even your entire life.Key ground work needs to happen as soon as you ask your choosen friends to be bridemaid. Before they say yes remind then there will be costs as well as time & commitment they'll need to consider before saying yes. Set expectations,visions and your ideas out from the start,I have seen and heard some sad and shocking stories with family, future sisters-in-laws and close friends disagreeing with the colours,shoes,hens party,ventues etc. Fellow your gut on these decisions. Do they( your choosen bridesmaids) completely lose it with a few too many drinks and going rogue going on to spoil your memories of your very special wedding day forever. Just because you've known someone for most of your life dosen't mean their the right person for the roll. No intension of offence suggested here.  Best wishes with your choices.